Future Psychic Predictions Reading For You:

Special Offer:  Psychic Predictions Email Reading For You

Get this insightful psychic combination email reading now, and get a preview of your destiny in the months ahead. I will use four different divination methods to help you find out your future. This popular reading can be ordered at any time of the year. I find that many of my clients often want more than one reading, so treat yourself now and I will prepare you a combination reading of the 4 psychic reading methods outlined below:

Working with the help of the Good Spirits, I will choose intuitively on your behalf:

tarot readingOne tarot card: This will offer you a psychic interpretation of how events are set to unfold in the first few months of the New Year. Love, money, career, etc. Tarot, is of course, said to be one of the most accurate forms of prediction.


One angel card: This will offer you a little angelic guidance and inspiration to light your pathway ahead. I always recommend an angel reading, ifangel stained glass you have been feeling a bit down and you need a gentle spiritual reading to bring you ‘inner peace’.

astrologyAstrology mini read: Plus, to look further into your future, I’ll also prepare a mini astrology forecast (the movements of the main planets through your birth sign.) This will include the major trends in your life, relationships, finance, home, family, health & success. The forecast will be much more comprehensive than the typical ‘Sun sign’, only forecasts that appear in magazines and newspapers.

Plus a Free Message From Spirit

Channelled messages of guidance from your Spirit Guide




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