Spell to find love online

If you have being using internet dating sites for awhile and not had much success, then try this simple PC passion spell.


A small bowl of caraway seed (powerful in love spells)

Your computer

A sticky note (or small piece of paper)

Online dating love spellA pink candle

If you can, cast this spell on a Friday, when the moon is full as this is the perfect time to invoke romance and friendship.


Place the bowl of caraway seeds next to your computer, to draw new love towards it. Take a sticky note and write your name, then the words ‘To find an ideal partner’ Stick this note to the corner of your computer screen. Log on to the internet and light your pink candle next to the seeds. Then say this spell three times:

‘Using powerful caraway seeds will help to fulfil my internet needs. A love will grow from this very day, my online partner is on his/her way.

Then let the candle burn down. Leave the seeds and the sticky note in place for a month. Soon you won’t be just be clicking with your computer mouse – you’ll be clicking with Mr Right or Miss Right too 🙂


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Posted on Fri 12th Oct 2012 15:44:27