Daily magic spell: A Simple Magic Spell to Get Rid of An Headache

quartzIf normal pain-killers don’t work, then maybe this simple magical spell will. It uses the wonderful healing powers of crystals to banish your headache quickly and effectively.

To begin: Rinse a quartz crystal with salt water, then ‘charge’ it for several minutes in sunlight, or moonlight, depending on the time of day.  Hold the crystal to your forehead for several moments and imagine the quartz absorbing the pain. As you do so, say silently to yourself, three times, ‘Pain be all gone, I want none. So mote it be. Blessed Be.’

When you’ve finished, cleanse and charge the crystal again.

This is a good method to use for another person’s headache too.



Daily tarot: What does the five of wands mean?

five-wandsThis tarot card shows us five men engaged in a fight with sticks (wands).  They all want to win and to be in control but no one appears to be backing down. Each character stands his ground.

All tarot card are multi-layered in meaning, and one of the ideas behind this card is, it represents the need to fight for what is yours.  So if you sense that someone else is muscling in on your relationship, or even trying to undermine you in your working life, you need to take steps to prevent this person from succeeding.

Travel for business or pleasure, is another strong possibility when this card appears, as wands represent action and movement. You may cross borders (in the UK or abroad), and this may bring new love for those who are single.

If you are already in a relationship then this tarot card’s message is that you must stand up for yourself and not put up with things that stress you, or irritate you, just for the sake of keeping the peace. You have a right to have your voice heard. However, you must of course, do this in a non-aggressive manner and without nagging. There is a sense that you and your partner may be pulling in opposite directions in several areas and this needs to be addressed if harmony  is to maintained.

Take care also that someone you know well doesn’t try to take advantage of your good nature.

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Daily magic spell A simple magic spell to make new friends

coloured-bLoneliness is an ever increasing problem in today’s society, whilst it may be thought of as a problem that mainly effects the elderly and housebound, it touches even the lives of younger people.

If this applies to you, then don’t suffer in silence, as this simple magic spell can bring new friends into your life within a few short weeks.

Here’s how:

Blow up a half dozen balloons of different colours. Tie different coloured ribbons (or even coloured sewing thread will do) around each balloon, decorate them with a marker, and write on each one ‘new friend.’

Put the balloons up in various places around your home, wherever they are regularly visible to you. Before the balloons are deflated completely you will have ‘new friends’.

Daily tarot: What does the knight of pentacles mean?


Pentacle (coin) cards relate to practical matters, resources, possessions, work, business and wealth – or the lack of it. They don’t really refer to love as such, but money and resources can of course have a major impact on relationships. As the old saying goes, “when poverty comes in the door, love flies out the door”. So these cards, do help in such matters as they give valuable insight into  how your financial position will likely be in the months ahead. 

If we turn to the knight of pentacles, I always see this particular tarot knight, as the knight of ‘security’. The materialistic energy of this card turns the spotlight on your personal finances and may suggest that this is an area of your life that you never feel entirely comfortable about. So it may become necessary as you move forward over the next few months to re-structure your monthly budget to make sure everything balances at the end of the month. In this way you’ll avoid stress and money problems further down the line. 

On a more positive side-note, as any tarot knight represents movement, so  you can take this card as a good omen if you’ve been waiting for money to arrive from a particular source, i.e. government, local council, tax refunds, etc. 

This card can also foretell of a  steady improvement in your finances. This may possibly relate to a change of work/career that brings a financial benefit. So if you’ve been thinking of putting in an application for a new job or launching a new business, then don’t hesitate. The knight of pentacle confidently predicts that you have the skills and abilities to improve your financial future.

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