Simple but powerful money spell using Cinnamon

If you are in need of some extra cash quick, then try casting this simple but powerful money spell. The necessary ingredients are easily found locally.

You will need:

1 green candle

6 coins

Cinnamon (the type used in cooking)

a small green bag or  piece of green cloth

The spell cast:

Create a circle with the coins around the candle. Next, light the candle and chant three times

Money flow, money grow, money shine, money mine.

Afterwards sprinkle the bag or cloth cinnamon and collect the coins and place them inside. Whilst you are doing so repeat the above magical chant three more times.

Keep the bag or cloth with you for a few weeks and you’ll soon notice that money starts to flow  towards you on a regular basis. The important thing as with all ‘magic spells’ is ‘to have total belief’ that it will work. In this way your belief will ensure the ‘success’ of your spell.

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Your free angel card reading: Message from the ‘Angels’

angel-imageYour free angel card reading:

Yesterday, I asked you to intuitively chose one of three angels to find out what your ‘angel’ wants you to know.

Today I’m working with Doreen Virtue’s, wonderful ‘Guardian Angel Tarot cards,’ to bring you  a personal ‘message’ from the ‘Angels’

Scroll down the page to find the number of the angel that you have chosen:

Did you choose Angel number 1?  This relates to the card: Healer of Thought

The message that this card carries is out with the old, and in with the new! In order to make some real progress, it’s time to clean up all aspects of your life that no longer serve a purpose. If your space is cluttered and disorganized, tidy it up. If your home is full of things you no longer use, sell them or donate them to a reputable charity. If there are people in your life who only take and don’t give back, or are creating unnecessary drama in your world, it may be time to release them. By doing this you will be clearing away any stagnant energy in your life that is blocking your progress, and this in turn will help attract more positivity and light into your life.

Did you choose Angel number 2? This relates to the card: Seven of Emotion

It would appear that you are being faced by certain decisions but doing nothing! The Angels know that sometimes it can be very difficult to make a choice and sometimes it seems easier to do nothing than to decide. We may have multiple options that appeal to us, or perhaps we don’t like any of the possibilities. At this time it is important to listen to your intuition. Are you take the necessary time to choose wisely, or have you fallen into procrastination?

If your guidance tells you that you’re stalling, then move forward. Your body uses feelings as a way to guide you in making a correct decision. Listen to your emotional compass to know how and when to proceed. If you’re still uncertain, ask your guardian angel for a sign, and he will respond as always. It is time to move on. It is time for action.

Did you choose Angel number 3? This relates to the card: Six of Abundance

Heaven opens its loving arms, and out flows the abundance of the Universe! You are to be blessed with abundance from the angels and also a gift and this is currently on its way to you. It’s likely that you’re not expecting this loving act of generosity. Accept it with thankfulness, knowing that opportunities will come soon for you give to others in return.

Your gift may come in the form of sudden good fortune, unexpected money, or a cherished dream suddenly coming into being. If you are currently working or looking for work, you may experience a promotion, a job offer, or other career related opportunities.

Daily tarot: What does the Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card Mean?

ace-of-pentaclesMost days I share with you the meaning of a tarot card that I’ve intuitively chosen from my tarot deck.  Today the tarot card chosen, is the rather wonderful, Ace of Pentacles.

If  you’ve been worrying (as usual) about money and the lack of it, then do read on.

What a fabulous tarot card this is, as it is a clear and positive sign that things are changing for the better, especially with regard to finances.

The suit of Pentacles links to the element of Earth in tarot. It represents worldly status, physical well-being, and financial security. So its appearance today  foretells  that you are likely to experience an upsurge in financial good fortune. It may be a win, bonus or a raise associated with a better job  – so a step up in your financial position generally. It could also indicate a letter or email coming about money…and the news will be good.  The hand holding out the golden coin is almost saying: ‘look at this’ look at what I’ve got, ‘look at what I can now afford.’

But, of course, all tarot cards are multi-layered in meaning and any tarot ‘Ace’ represents a new beginning in general. So if you have been thinking of starting a new project (perhaps self-employment)  either on a personal or professional basis now would be a good time…as this card has such strong links with success.

Often this card also suggests that your feeling of ‘self-worth’ could also be set to get a boost around this time …you may get some praise for a job well done, or someone will  let you know how much you are loved and appreciated.

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Daily tarot card: What does the ten of cups tarot card mean?


Ten of cups tarot

 Most days I choose a tarot card whilst tuning into Universal energies. I do this so that it may bring a message of guidance to the many visitors to my website. Today the tarot card chosen is the wonderfully optimistic ‘ten of cups.’

Should you feel drawn to the energy of this lovely tarot card today, then, ‘YES’ the message is for you!

This card shows us a happy family scene. So what does this mean for you?  Well one of the traditional meanings of this tarot card, is, it is known as a ‘wish come true card’. And so it foretells over the next few weeks or so, that life will improve generally on a personal level and you’ll be feeling a lot happier than you have in some time.  Also, if there is something that you very much want in life, then you will likely get your ‘wish’ so to speak. So do keep the faith no matter how challenging life may have been in recent times….

As this card shows us an image of a happy family scene, it usually indicates a longing too for happiness in your personal life. A need to be free of problems and worries. I have a sense that you may not have felt that good lately, due to stress and anxiety. Whilst you may usually always try to put a cheerful face to others around, you may actually be feeing quite differently inside.

If you have had any concerns about your love life, then take this card as a good omen, as the ten of cups offers some quiet reassurance that you have much happiness awaiting you in the future.

The lovely card also adds a general element of emotional warmth to the months ahead. As  mentioned previously it is often connected with families – so it may foretell that you will be spending more time in their company than usual. Often there is plan announced too for a family get together or celebration. Someone within your family may have some good news…it could even be you!

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