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Life Purpose Messages From the Angels

Yesterday, I asked you to choose ‘one’ of ‘five angel cards,’ so the angels may offer you loving guidance as to ‘what is your true life path’ with regard to your ‘career’

Intuitively I have chosen five ‘Life Purpose’ ‘Angel Oracle Cards’ with messages that I feel should hold some relevance for you.

Scroll down the page to find the number you have chosen:

Did you choose card number 1? Counselling counselling

Do people naturally open up to you? Do they reveal their deepest secrets and worries because they seem to sense that you are caring and that you’ll listen? You chose this card because you are a natural counsellor. It may be you are destined to work as a life coach, or work with people with mental health issues, or families in need, the elderly, or perhaps children.

If you’re not in a position to pursue a career in counselling, consider working for a charity that needs volunteer listeners, such as the Samaritans or befriending the elderly.

Alternatively you may be drawn to spiritual counselling in the form of psychic, angel or mediumship readings. Do be sure to consider these options if you are still looking for fulfillment in your life.

creative-exDid you choose card number 2? Creativity

The Angels say you have a creative streak – and this for you is the key to future success and happiness. Don’t be afraid of it – or dismiss it as impractical! Perhaps you are worried that there’s no money to be made in creativity.  That’s not true. Allow your naturally creativity to find creative ways to earn a living! Suppose you like baking – then sell your efforts to local shops or offices. If you like drawing or painting, then enrol on a.  course in graphic design or arts. If you like writing, then start a blog and watch your fans grow. If you like beauty work, then start your training by working on friends and family before follow a professional course. If you like to dance or sing, then  teach others how to, or better still develop your own brand of dance exercise or singing group. The ‘Angels’ assure you that you can use your skills to build a life that satisfies both your natural creativity and you bank balance.

If you’re already pursuing a creative career –  then take this as a wonderful sign from the Universe that you are on the right track. Every creative career involves risk – as, it’s not always reliable like a regular job – but then again, a regular job doesn’t offer the buzz of a creative career!
Creativity is your road to happiness – so even if you don’t want to make a career of it, you should still pursue creative hobbies. It will help you find the REAL YOU and – in so doing, you will feel the positive ripple effects in all areas of your life

bodyworkDid you choose card number 3? Bodywork
Your life purpose involves bodywork, such as massage therapy, aromatherapy, acupuncture, energy healing, physical therapy, or exercise training.

You choose this card as encouragement to involve yourself in bodywork of some kind to help heal yourself and others. Offering forms of alternative therapy, is at the centre of your life purpose. It appears that you have “healing hands” and may have already been drawn to the healing arts. Take this card as validation that this is a fulfilling path for you to go down.
The challenge is for you to also take excellent care of your own body too if you decide to provide care for others, as any form of healing, can be ‘energy draining’
You’re encouraged to take classes that mirror your natural interests in various healing arts. Developing skills in more than one area will ensure that it keeps your interest and you develop skills at the highest levels.

leadershipDid you choose card number 4? Leadership

Archangel Michael, has heard your prayers, and he’s now guiding you in the direction of ‘leadership’.
This card comes to you as a signal that you’re ready to assume your role as a leader whether this be in a career you are already pursuing (seek promotion, you have the skills now) or perhaps in the local community. You may have recently come across a situation in which you thought, “Somebody should do something about this.” Well, the angels want you to know that you are that somebody!
Although you may not feel entirely prepared or qualified to assume a leadership role, the angels assure you that you are! They will guide you through every step so that you can gain confidence and certainty about your path.
Take time to meditate, and listen to your inner guidance, which will clearly show you the first steps upon this path. Your leadership will inspire others to speak up and take charge of their lives as well!

studyDid you choose card number 5? Study
The answer that you’re seeking about your ‘life purpose’ involves returning to study.
This card guides you to further your education and gain new skills which are necessary to follow to your dream career. The angels assure you that the timing is ideal for you to take this leap, and that it’s part of your Divine life mission. You’ll also find joy in learning more about your beloved profession, and you deserve this happiness. It’s part of your loving self-care. Your educational path will also inspire others around you to realise that they too can change their life for the better.
For a few, this card signals that your soul longs to teach in a classroom setting. Helping young people develop their minds and acquire skills is a vital profession, one that the angels are happy to support. Ask them for guidance about your teaching pathway and they will guide every aspect of it. From their higher perspective, the angels know which avenue is best suited to you and your talents. They’ll guide you to the ideal teaching situation.

For others it may be that you want to be a nurse, midwife, or perhaps social worker, again the ‘angels’ are keen to urge you to move forward on this. It is never to late to do a career u turn. You have the determination and natural caring nature that would help make you a complete ‘natural’ in this profession.



Your Free Angel Reading by Linda

free-angelEarlier today I asked you to choose an Angel card by allowing your intuition to guide you. Scroll down the page to find your number choice and your free angel message

Did you choose Card No 1?

Let your light shine for all to see

Your Angels say you may be comparing yourself to other people too much (not just people you know, but perhaps celebrities too) and finding yourself lacking. The angels want you to know that you are a beautiful, talented soul, and you are here on Earth because you are needed here.  Don’t criticise yourself constantly. Don’t play down your own talents and abilities. And don’t waste time comparing yourself to other people. See their success as proof that you can be successful too. See their dreams coming true as proof that yours will too. You are just as loved and precious as they are. Drop any thoughts to the contrary and let your beautiful light shine for all the world to see.

Special message, if you have applied for a new job to to take up a professional course recently, expect news soon that you have been successful in your application.

Did you choose Card No 2

Find Balance and Ask for Help when Needed

The message you have chosen puts the emphasis on the need to find the right balance between your personal and working life (whether paid or unpaid). Your Angels wish to let you know that you may have been working too hard and that you may be putting in too many hours.  You may also have been doing too much for other people around you at the expense of your own energy levels.  The angel message today is that you know that you’re taking on too much. Your first step should now be to learn to say ‘no’ more often to the demands of others and also to  ask for assistance from others to lighten the load.

The situation you find yourself in can be resolved in a peaceful and successful way, but this is also a time to ensure that you drop any activities that are not strictly necessary from your schedule.  It’s okay to slow down a little and to set your pace to a more comfortable level. You need to still your mind and re-find inner peace.

Your Angels also remind you that enjoyment is important for our well-being, so if at all possible, take time out to have fun with friends and family so you can find the right balance between what you feel you have to do, and what you actually want to do!

Did you choose Card No 3

The Power of Positive Thinking

The message you’ve chosen is about the power of your thoughts   The Angels wish to remind you that a great deal of the stress, worry, and fear we experience, come entirely from our own thoughts and what we believe will or might happen. You may have recently gone through a challenging time, as the Angels are highlighting issues like insomnia or sleep deprivation, racing thoughts, negative expectations or fear. Stress related illnesses also fall under this energy. If you’re having unpleasant dreams, write them down and thank your unconscious mind for informing you of what needs to change in your life. (All dreams whether pleasant or unpleasant always carry hidden messages, do look for the messages within yours)

You are also being reminded that your thoughts and beliefs help create your own reality, and that what you’re experiencing now is simply a manifestation of past thoughts that became a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy.

The time is now right to shift your thinking towards the positive as much as possible . If you already know this and you are working on it, then do keeping going, as you will get amazing outcomes!

Watch out now for signs from the angels, of the new that path you are too follow.

Your free psychic tarot reading by Linda

Yesterday, I asked you to choose the tarot card that you felt most drawn too, to reveal a psychic message. So scroll down the page to find the number you choose and what the tarot foretells for your future.

If you would like a more in-depth personalised psychic email reading then please browse my psychic reading menu to the left of the page.

Did you choose number 1? This is:  The Two of Pentacles

two-of-pentThis card shows us a character juggling two golden coins carefully, he looks tense and uncomfortable as if he is afraid that he is may drop one. So what does this mean in relation to your own life in the weeks ahead? All tarot cards are multi-layered in meaning, but on this occasion I sense that this card is indicating that you may feel pressured, there could be many demands on your time and also your emotional energies…you too could be feeling a little like the frantically juggling character, as if you have too much to do and that life is ‘stressful and hard to cope with’ So do try to make sure that you get enough time to relax and re-charge your energy levels

Experience has also taught me that often this card can relate to ‘personal/love relationship issues’ as well.  If you are in a relationship it may suggest, that you and your partner may be pulling in opposite directions in a few areas. ‘There could be unspoken feelings in your relationship which need to be ‘voiced’,  if you are to truly achieve ‘long term happiness. Don’t shy away from certain issues/topics between you because you don’t’ want to rock the boat. Couples who can’t talk to one another, seldom stay together!

This card by its very image often has a link to financial matters too, and it may indicate that money is currently going out of your bank account faster than it is coming in. So there could be a need to carefully balance your budget in the coming months to make sure that there is enough to cover all expenses. But on a positive note, you are coping and a work change within two months (your own/or a loved one) could bring more money into the family home.

Daily Mantra: I can create my own success


Did you choose card number 2? This is : The Hermit

hermyUmm…. I wonder if sometimes you may feel ‘alone’. although you have people in your life. There is often a certain distance between you and others when this card appears in a reading. You may even feel different to those around you or even left out of things, as if everyone seems happy and you are not! You see this is such a solitary card and is one which is also known as a card of ‘soul searching’, so indicates as you go through the months ahead you may be giving a great deal of thought to your life and circumstances and wondering if this is the type of life you really want to live. This may be because you are still looking for more fulfilment in certain areas of your life, and so you may consider lots of ideas as to how you can change things for the better. With strong astrological links to the star sign Virgo, and the search for information, it may see you on a bit of fact finding mission. As a result you are likely  to make a decision  that will impact your life positively in the long term. I have a sense this may be connected with your career, and a possible change of direction. It can often indicate a return to study too, whether out of self-interest or to add to existing qualifications with a view to improving your career prospects. It may even see you tracking down someone (out of curiosity) who has been absent from life for some time.

Additionally, this card has religious connections and so you may find yourself  in church or a religious building for a service over the next few months. Or you may simply feel the need to go to one to experience the peaceful atmosphere. This card also encourages you to ask your angels to show you signs that ‘better times lie ahead’ Angels are always there for us and will respond quickly whenever we are in need. Once you have done this remain alert to the signs as they are there to guide you forward.

Daily Mantra “My future looks good, I am in charge of my own destiny and I refuse to waste any more time on regrets’


Did you pick card number three? This is: The Ace of Pentacles

ace of pThis is a particularly positive card, lucky you!  Traditionally it foretells that you have lots of good financial energy coming your way. And it is certainly a good omen if you work and you are looking for advancement or even a change of direction.

The suit of Pentacles links to the element of Earth in tarot. It represents worldly status, physical well-being, and financial security. So its appearance today, indicates that you are going to experience an upsurge in financial good fortune It may be a win, bonus or a raise associated with a better job (as already mentioned)– so a step up in your financial position generally. It could also indicate a letter coming about money…and the news will be good.  The hand holding out the golden coin is almost saying ‘look at this’ look at what I’ve got, ‘look at what I can afford’

But all tarot cards are multi-layered in meaning and any tarot ‘Ace’ represents a new beginning in some form. So if you have been thinking of starting a new creative project up either on a personal or professional basis now would be a good time…as this card has such strong links with success.

Often this card indicates that your feeling of ‘self-worth’ could get a real boost around this time you may get some praise for a job well done or someone lets you know how much you are loved and appreciated, sending your spirits soaring.

With regard to love relationships this tarot Ace promises more emotional security in 2017.  If you are already in a relationship it could indicate ‘new understandings’ being reached. If you are still looking for love, this is a very positive time to get out and meet people, something new could start (before Christmas) that is very promising and could lead to long term committment.

Daily Mantra: From today my life will contain more success

©. Linda Preston 2016

Rare Supermoon November 14th 2016

supermoonIt’s a rare Supermoon this evening.

The ‘moon’ will be the closest to the Earth since 1948!

That makes it the most ‘super’ of moons – at least this century.

The November ‘full moon’ was also named by ‘native Americans’ as the ‘Beaver Moon’, or ‘Frosty Moon’

As magical energies will be ‘especially’ potent at this time, do be sure to make a wish and you will likely see it come true. Fabulous!